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Coffee Menu

Partridges Espresso beans have travelled from three different continents and are a blend of 100% Arabica coffee beans which are slowly hand roasted and delivered to us weekly.  The combination of 30% Brazilian Bourbon, 60% Guatemala and 10% Blawan Java ensures sweet mid-toned aromas. Our coffee beans come only from sources that provide fair and equal opportunities to all employees.

Black Coffee
Two shots of espresso topped with water €2.65
Latte The "milky" coffee drink made with one part coffee, then filled with steamed
milk and topped with a foamy cap
Cappucino The Classic Cappuccino recipe is one part espresso - then equal parts of steamed
milk and creamy, dense foam
Espresso A shot of freshly ground Arabica beans. This is the basis for all other coffee
Espresso Macchiato In Italy macchiato means, “stained with” or “marked with”. In coffee the stain
refers to milk. Begin with a shot of espresso, and then topped it up with a small amount
of milk or foam or both
Mocha Begins as a perfect hot chocolate, and then finished off with a shot of espresso €3.20
Cafetiere for one Partridges House Blend or Vienna Kaffeehaus Sacher €2.85
Hot Chocolate Milk/ White/Dark served with marshmallow or cream. Made from melted Valrhona Chocolate.
A chocoholics Dream!
Flavoured Syrup A choice of caramel, vanilla, hazelnut or cinnamon €0.50
Extra Shot of Coffee make your coffee stronger! €0.50


If you prefer low fat milk or soya milk with your coffee or tea please ask

Tea Menu

The world is waking up to the smell of tea, its health benefits and the fact that it does not grow naturally in a perforated bag. Why not re-awaken the senses to the joys of the perfect cup of tea . Whole leaf tea contains significantly more antioxidants and natural goodness than the granulated dust in the average teabag. So go on taste the quality of our fine teas, tisanes and herbal infusions.

Partridges Blend Tea A smooth blend of the finest teas from Assam, Sri Lanka and Kenya €2.65 per Pot
Earl Grey Blue Flower Premium black leaf tea, natural oil of bergamot with cornflowers €2.85 per Pot
Darjeeling Organic From one of the best-known estates with a fine, muscatel flavour. The
champagne of all teas
€2.85 per Pot
Assam Harmutty A moderately strong, impressive tea with golden tips and a fine leaf €2.85 per Pot
Green Tea Wild Grey Premium green leaf tea. An exquisite Sencha leaf delicately flavoured €2.85 per Pot
Nana Mint Delicious and refreshing spearmint tea. Nana Mint is renowned for its
soothing, calming and medicinal properties – especially digestive
problems or nausea
€2.85 per Pot
Ayurvedic Stress Free Cinnamon pieces, liquorice roots, ginger, fennel, orange peel and
cardamom. Ayurvedic teas have soothing, uplifting and medicinal qualities.
This revitalising tea has been formulated
based on the ancient Indian science of Ayurveda
€2.85 per Pot
Organic Rooibos Tea Caffeine free. A soothing yet uplifting tea, full of vitamins, minerals and
antioxidants. Treat as regular tea and can be taken with or without milk
€2.85 per Pot
Mixed Red Berries A tisane of elderberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, apple,
rose hip peel and hibiscus blossom
€2.85 per Pot
Chamomile Made from whole dried flowers from the Chamomile plant €2.85 per Pot


We recommend 4 minutes infusion time for all teas.